• Electrical safety training courses in the operating room
• Training courses on the use of electromedical equipment
• Technical/legal matters
• Equipment-to-standard reviews
• Repairs and maintenance, control and verification of the smooth operation of electromedical equipment
• Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance contracts, full-risk contracts all included
• Preventive and corrective maintenance contracts
• Sale of scientific equipment and equipment
• Sale of used and overhauled equipment
• Technical/scientific advice
• Sale of disposable equipment and equipment
• Sale of sanitary accessories

Training courses are periodically carried out at the laboratories of the manufacturing industries to keep up with the new technologies used and with the new medical systems. Equipped with every type of instrumentation necessary, tests, measurements and operating control are carried out with maximum speed and efficiency. Our technicians support doctors and hospital staff by providing them with a practical guide to the use and maintenance of medical equipment.



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Clinical engineering consultations
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