Our organization consists of a group of specialists: engineers and technicians highly specialized in the health sector, the working group consists of:

n° 2 Architects
n° 4 Engineers
n° 1 Graduate in Physics
n° 1 Graduate in Science
n° 2 Graduates in Economics and Commerce
n° 3 Graduates in medicine and surgery
n° 5 Experts (technicians specialized in electronics, computer science and chemistry).
N° 2 Lawyers: One expert in technical/legal issues on safety in the health environment, the other, expert in health legislation and related regulations.

Their experience, (for some over thirty years), has been acquired in the planning, management and organization of public and private healthcare structures. They have carried out important projects of public hospitals, clinics, health facilities in Italy and abroad, taking care of all significant aspects.



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Clinical engineering consultations
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