"Giovanni Paolo II Hospital"
The hospital covers an area of about 36,838 square meters. In the Alsaqa region, Wad Elshami, adjacent to the city of Bethlehem, in a territory owned by the "LATIN PATRIARCHATE JERUSALEM" exactly 10km south of Jerusalem.
Democratic Republic of Congo
"Kinsahasa Polyclinic Hospital"
The hospital covers an area of about 12 hectares of land, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Kinshasa. The entire structure has been designed considering a central circle within which the buildings concerning, the university complex and the actual facilities of the hospital insist.
Serra D'Aiello (CS)
"Hospital health facility"

Campora S.Giovanni
"Scientific research centre"
Construction of a hospital composed of various buildings, of which those for hospital stays are spread over several units on different floors. In the peripheral areas of the complex, the buildings concerning the Directorate-General, the library and archives, the emergency services, the central pharmacy, the external consultation services and the social services have been provided, all located in such a way as to be easily accessible from outside.
Prague (Czech Rep.)
"Specialist clinic in Dentistry"
"Institute for Scientific Research"
Alba Julia (Romania)
"Polyspecies Imaging Clinic"
Kranj (Slovenia)
"Polyspecies Imaging Clinic"


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